Odisha, the land of rich art and craft manifestations, attracts a large number of tourists, researchers, archaeologists and devotees from different corners of the world. Grown and being reckoned as one of the most preferred destinations to visit by many from far and wide, the rich and artistic collection in arts and crafts is indeed remarkable. The profuse art and craft of the state can certainly win hearts of people, reflecting the skill and expertise of the artisans along with the big influence of culture and tradition here. Here follows is about the different art forms and crafts revealing the true ancient beauty and skills of the Odisha’s craftsmen and masters.

Arts & Crafts in Odisha

Stone Carvings Bhubaneswar is also referred to as the city of temples and the artisans here actually retain the beautiful and amazing tradition of stone carving that made its mark in the history of the country as well. The art of stone carving in Odisha actually reached excellence through centuries of not only disciplined focus but also through generations of craftsmen.

Pattachitra – Based on Hindu mythology, it is the traditional and most popular art form of Odisha. The art is created on a special paper, made from the tamarind seeds and colours that are naturally extracted from flowers and fruits. The colours are mixed with powdered shells from ocean and then that paste is basically used to carve these paintings and what an amazing and stunning work of piece it is for sure!

Sand Art – Sculpture carving in sand is famously known and historically rooted in Odisha. The art lineage dates back to a long time and recognized as one of the prime and known art forms of the 14th century.

Silver Filigree – Out of all the art and crafts of Odisha, silver filigree is counted among the most finest and unique handicraft, also been referred to as tarakasi. Being localized in the Cuttack city and few of the nearby villages, the process of tarakasi comprises drawing silver through a series going for smaller holes that can produce fine and good strands of wire.

Applique Works – Quite similar to Pattachitra, appliqué work is also known for its origination as a temple art. The Pipli village in Odisha artisans are known to be masters in the same. In this art, coloured clothes are stitched in different shapes and then embellished with mirrors and other beautiful things. Saris and other materials which are made using appliqué are actually popular and widely reckoned and much in demand in international market as well.

Brass and Dhokra Works – Being acknowledged as a tribal craft, it is using good metallurgical skills with wax technique to simply make things that look spectacular. Practiced from more than 4000 years, this old form of craft is still practiced in few parts of the state. And through their whimsical creations, people express their perception and views about the world.

Paper Mache – Since years, paper mache, natural fibers and waste cloth skills are been practiced all over the state and tourists love to buy the locally made crafts through this skill including hand bags, masks and toys that are produced using the special made papers that not only look attractive but also are durable and strong.

Horn Bone Craft – The introduction of this art form has been in the state from century only and its popularity has actually grown with the passage of time and over the years. Several decorative and utilitarian things can be made out of them and the finished products look like blessed with the dark and sober shine alluring attention of so many from all over. Cuttack and Parlakhemundi are well reckoned for this artwork.

Palm Leaf Etching – The origination of this art began when written communication started. Manuscripts and messages were inscribed on the palm leaf and then they were disseminated. Later, the trend to decorate the text with the help of images started and that became an art adored by many from all around. The art form is usually practiced by artisans living by in Puri and Cuttack.

Tassar Patta – The origination of the art is from an old tradition that is the engraved painting and artwork on palm leaves and in this, the contemporary and magnificent pieces are painted by artisans on silk. The artisans are highly trained and expert who are engaged and working on this unique art form.

Ikat – Being brought up from the Indonesian culture, the art of tie and dye process and weaving started in Odisha years back. The art is manually done and this intricate and detailing art form is addressing the tying and doing the work in sequences and then dyeing the relevant areas and segments in different colours.

Coir Craft – It is counted among the state’s biggest contribution towards the arts and crafts of the country. The artefacts that are made up of coir fibre look spectacular. The light weight and yellow coloured fibre is moulded into beautiful bird and animal designs and decorative items. Few of the most known animal figurines are crocodiles, horses and dinosaurs.

Bottle Art – It is more of true collector’s delight as the bottles are painted in amazing and beautiful Odisha art representing the scenes and life of Lord Krishna. So many colours and tales to depict to, these bottles look unique and simply out of the box and definitely an irresistible purchase!

Terracotta Crafts – These beautiful crafts are made in almost every part of the state. Being exquisite and unique in design, the craftwork bears the traits as well of the locality where they have been produced.

Santhal & Saora Paintings – The likely tribal paintings are more of prayers that become like an integral part of the offerings that are made to Gods, spirits and ancestors. The members of the Saora tribe used to draw ritualistic pictures on the inner walls of the mud dwellings expressing the focus on nature, agricultural community, outdoors and also on sowing, ploughing and harvesting.

Jhoti Chita – It is a traditional form of Oriya art that is pictured on walls and floors of homes. Being unique and different from line art, the art is highly popular and reckoned in rural areas, where the art is drawn using a white coloured liquid paste of pithau or rice.

Muruja – This folk art is exquisite and is usually bound up in most of the social as well as religious activities. The art is drawn on floors using different hues, and muruja is usually utilized in the form of mandalas during rituals.

Textiles – The state is popular for generating hand woven textiles from skilled handloom weavers and artisans. This worldly exported and reckoned handicraft comes in different product forms like sarees, dress materials, dhotis, etc.

Lacquer Work – It is counted among one of the most popular and recognized tribal craft that is primarily practiced and made by women. The stunning toys, bangles and necklaces are made in large numbers using the unique technique of art.

Odisha Tribal Arts & Crafts Museum – This amazing museum is perfect for those who are interested in knowing more of Odisha’s tribes and paying a visit to the land’s tribal areas. The museum is filled with interactive elements like augmented reality glasses, bead ornaments, traditional dresses, coin necklaces, silver collars, headdresses, musical instruments, wind pipes, etc.

Odisha Craft Museum (Kala Bhoomi) – The museum represents the craftsmanship of the artisans by simply getting involved in the magnificent and striking masterpieces. It is segmented into 2 galleries, a display area where the focus is more on handlooms and handicrafts and a live area where separate workshop zones and an open air theatre are there. Kala Bhoomi is basically using the raw materials like the laterite stone that can still be seen throughout the oldest monuments in the state, Odisha.