It maybe Puri Beach, Gopalpur Beach or Chandrabhaga Beach, all have uniqueness of their own to woo tourists. The beautiful beaches here have their own history too. Besides, ‘Muhanas’ (where a river meets sea) at a couple of places in Odisha, is a delight to watch.

Famous Beaches in Odisha

Puri Beach – The beach lies on the shore of Bay of Bengal and in the holy city Puri, famous as a sacred Hindu destination. A well acknowledged and visited site of annual Puri Beach festival, it is popular for hosting sand art displays and more.

Gopalpur on Sea – It was once a commercial port and is now a popular tourist destination and sea beach, located in the Southern part of Odisha and situated at an approximate 15 km distance from Berhampur. The beach is filled with many coconut groves, gentle sand dunes and casuarinas.

Chandrabhaga Beach – The beach lies in the Puri district, at an about 3 km east of famous Konark Sun Temple, and is been certified as one of the most environment friendly and clean beaches of the world, backed with international standard amenities for visitors.

Talasari Beach – The beach lies in the Baleswar district, at the North-Eastern coast of Odisha. The beach is filled with the beautiful palm trees, tall coconut trees, casuarinas and more that makes it indeed a beautiful and worth sight to visit to.

Chandipur Beach – The beach is renowned for supporting bio diversity. It is unique in terms that water can go up to 5 kms especially during the ebb tide. A suitable picnic spot and place to spend gala time with loved ones, tourists can see Horseshoe crabs here.

Pati Sonapur Beach – The beach lies in Berhampur, Odisha. The beauty and charm of the beach is simply indescribable. Situated on the converging point of Bahuda river and Bay of Bengal, the shoreline of the beach is simply a standout.