When it is about mountains and hills range, Odisha is well stocked with hilly areas, with something to explore and look into it. While you go through the below mentioned list, you will be amazed to know how rich and naturally incredible the state Odisha is, even in hills and mountains that makes it an attractive and a must destination to visit to.

Famous Hills & Mountains in Odisha

Deomali – Being the highest mountain peak of Eastern Ghats in Odisha, the rich bio diversified rolling hills is all surrounded with greenery and beauty. The charm of this area allures attention of campers, hill walkers and bikers in large, desiring to behold the magic with them forever.

Mahendragiri Hills – This amazing 1501 m high mountain peak is the home of Lord Parashurama and remained in many historical tales. An ideal trekker’s spot, the area is full with great temples, flora and fauna variety, crystal clear blue water sea at a distance and many streams.

Devagiri Range – A hike on the hills will be absolutely stunning, comprising natural stairs, a cave on the mountain range housed with Lord Shiva shrine and looking like two jaws at the top. Located in Rayagada district, the hike on this hilly area will be once in lifetime experience.

Dhauli Hills – Being one of the famous tourist weekend gateways and destinations of Odisha, the list would not be complete without mentioning the Dhauligiri or Dhauli hill range. It holds significant importance for all Buddhism seekers as well due to the presence of harmonious Shanti Stupa here.

Niyamgiri Hills – The tales of bauxite mining are much known and talked about that held in Niyamgiri hills in Kalahandi. Surrounded with thick forest beauty and magic, the hills are a homeland to Dongria Kondh tribe, supposed to be growing rich vegetation here, along with nurturing and worshipping every part of the area here.

Gandhamardhan Hills – The beautiful hill range is in Bargarh district, full with gurgling streams and vast natural medicinal plants. Trekking to this peaceful hilly area can actually make anyone feel joyous and satisfied like never before.

Deuli Hills – The twin hill range is a rare historical site to must visit, holding five rocks cut Buddhist chambers and ruins of a grand stupa that dates back to 3rd century BC. The greenery and beauty of the perfect excavation spot is a must to visit by for sure.

Malayagiri Hills – The hill range comes under the third highest peak of Odisha and a beautiful waterfall named Khuludi flows through by the mountain range, alluring attention of visitors and hikers from all over. Situated nearby Kendujhar district, whoever goes there got under the spell and charm of the glory that is at a height of 1187 metres.

Kapilash Mountain Range – A small mountain range situated in Dhenkanal district, the scenic site is simply bewitching and impressive. A perfect spot for all Hindu followers and adventure lovers, the road till here is simply breathtaking and that is why a large number of tourists visit by here all throughout.

Daringbadi Hills – Situated at the Kandhamal district, the beauty of the hills is simply unmatchable and indescribable. Also known as the Kashmir of Odisha, the hills are surrounded with never ending pine trees, big jungle area, and snowfall like feeling during the winter season. A perfect place to be visited by any mountain walker for sure!

Taptapani – The hill range is situated at an elevation of 1800 ft above sea level in Ganjam district of Odisha. Popular for hot water springs and as a tourist destination, it is a perfect place for nature lovers and those who love to walk by along the picturesque landscape.

Olasuni Hill – Situated on the border of Jajpur and Cuttack district, the prime attraction of the hill range here is the Olasuni Gumpha temple. During the nine day festival, Gumpha Yatra is held and it also houses the cave where Saint Arakhita Das did mediation and achieved salvation.

Barbil – The area is fully surrounded by hilly range, boasting of the mining area, forests, picnic spots, amazing and scenic beauty and waterfalls, etc. People here celebrate all the festivals with full enthusiasm and joy, be it any irrespective of caste or religion.

Dhenkanal – The hill range is situated at an elevation of 700 m above sea level. Surrounded with many Hindu temples, thousands of pilgrims and followers visit here from all over. The prime attraction must to visit here is Kapilash temple.

Chandragiri – The hill range is situated in the beautiful green valley in the Gajapati district in Odisha, and is widely reckoned and famous for Buddhist monastery. Also referred to as the mini Tibet, the hills is surrounded with picturesque landscape and scenic beauty and is a must visit.

Tensa Hill – This small hill station is surrounded by green hills and forests and is located at an elevation of around 3700 m above the sea level. One of the prime attractions here is the Shanti Stupa, natural falls and water springs, Khandadhar waterfall and breathtaking views.

Dumuriput – Situated in between Sunabeda and Koraput district in Odisha, a large number of devotees used to visit here due to the grand Shree Ram Navmi festival that is celebrated here each year along with picturesque views and breathtaking surroundings.

Jaugada – Situated in the Ganjam district, the hills is widely visited by tourists from all around and it houses one of the well known and acknowledged rock edicts of emperor Ashoka. Aside from beauty and greenery around, Tara Tarini temple is in close vicinity and visited by lots of people every year.