Odisha has more than 10 marvellous waterfalls that are worth exploring. There are water falls from the hilltop that have created kundas (reservoirs) while some have their own treasure trove which are like God’s masterpiece.

Famous Lakes & Waterfalls in Odisha

Hirakud Dam – Constructed over the Mahanadi River, it lies about 15 km from Sambalpur in Odisha. Behind the Hirakud dam, there is a lake that is 55 km long and as per the stats, it is one of the very first prime multipurpose river valley projects that began just after India’s independence.

Tampara Lake – It is among one of the largest fresh water lakes in Odisha. Situated nearby Chilika lagoon, it has its own charm and beauty. The things that tourists can enjoy here include boating and ride on water scooters that are available on rent.

Chilika Lake – It is famous as the second largest brackish water lagoon of the world. Spread in a large area of 1100 km square, it covers the Puri, Khurda and Ganjam districts of Odisha. It is the biggest wintering ground on the Indian sub continent for migratory birds and the eco system is well reckoned for fishery resources.

Hadagarh Dam – It has been built on Salandi River in Keonjhar district in Odisha. Act as a huge water source meant for irrigation purpose, the magnificent natural environs and surroundings around the reservoir makes it worth seeing for all nature seekers.

Anshupa Lake – It is a 141 hectare horseshoe shaped like fresh water lake situated on the left bank side of Mahanadi River in Cuttack district in Odisha. The lake also acts like a shelter in the wintery season for migratory birds and for tourists; boating and fishing facilities are available.

Kanjia Lake – It is a natural beautiful lake situated on the Northern outskirts of the city Bhubaneswar, the capital of Odisha. The main lake is spread over an area of 190 acres area, and it is blessed with rich biodiversity. Scuba diving facility is available over this lake for tourists.

Kolab Dam – The lake is been a nature’s treat for all tourists in Odisha. Located in the Koraput district, it is a great place to do picnicking with family and friends. With natural surroundings, visitors can enjoy boating facility here.

Barehipani – The famous falls are two tiered waterfall situated in Similipal National Park in Odisha. Reckoned among one of the highest waterfalls of India, the falls has a total height of 399 metres.

Joranda – Reckoned as the 19th highest waterfall of India, the falls is situated in the Mayurbhanj district, in the core area of Similipal National Park in Odisha. It has a total height of 150 metres.

Devkund – It is a famous tourist and religious place in Odisha. There are five waterfalls available here and one of them is Devkund which has a height of 50 feet from the ground. It is indeed very big and renders an amazing view to visitors. Tourists can even bathe here and enjoy.

Khandadhar – The waterfall is located in Sundergarh district in Odisha. The fall has a small flowing stream, with a height of 244 metres falling in a single drop and is recognized as the 12th highest waterfall in India.

Badaghagra/Sanghagra – The beautiful waterfall is located in Kendujhar district in Odisha. Recognized among one of the bewitching and alluring waterfalls of the state, it has 100 feet height. It is a popular trekking and camping spot as well.

Nrusinghanath – The waterfall is located 165 km away from Sambalpur in Odisha and at the Northern side of famous Gandhamardan hills. Being close by to Nrusinghanath temple, it is surrounded by hilly terrains and dark forests that make it worth to visit to.

Harishankar – The fall is recognized as the famous pilgrimage site as well visited by many round the year. Located on the Southern side of Gandhamardan hills in Balangir city of Odisha, it is one of the best tourist destinations.

Phulrijharan – The perennial waterfall is been located in the Kalahandi district in Odisha. The height of the fall is 16 metre and it is famous for multicoloured rainbow that is created on the surface of the water due to the sunlight’s reflection.

Pradhanpat – Situated nearby Deogarh and about 100 km away from Sambalpur in Odisha, the waterfall is a great place to do picnic and spend some time with loved ones. Surrounded with natural hills, beauty and thick and dense forests, it is unique in its own way.

Duduma – It is among one of the highly visited waterfall located in the Korapur district in Odisha. The famous horsetail waterfall is known to have 175 metres height and is formed by the Machhkund River.

Gundicha Ghai – It is indeed a very beautiful waterfall that has a height of 50 feet. Located nearby to Ghatgaon Tarini, it is a famous picnic spot in Odisha. People from all over come to visit this fall.

Sitakund – The waterfall is situated at Mayurbhanj district in Odisha and is a part of Similipal National Park. The natural beauty and charm of the waterfall makes it simply amazing and worth to visit to.

Bhimkund – The waterfall is surrounded with lush green natural beauty and spell. It is famous to have a spectacular appeal and as per the legend, it is even linked with the epic Mahabharata where it was assumed that Pandavas stayed during their exile period.