Odisha is a house to as many as 62 tribes with unique traditions. Exploration of Odisha’s tribal life is a mersimising, life-time experience. Most of the tribes reside in the lap of nature which will become an additional obsession for you to explore.

Famous Tribal Destinations in Odisha

Koraput – It is one of the districts of Odisha and is famous for natural and diverse kinds of mineral deposits. Located along the Eastern Ghats, the area is been divided further into 2 sub divisions and 14 blocks. Most of the tribal communities living here have their own dialects.

Sundergarh – This district is located at the North Western part of Odisha. The Kisan tribes are among the major inhabitants here. By profession, most of them are either food gatherers or farmers. They are popular for their dancing and singing as well as their hospitality in general.

Mayurbhanj – It is reckoned as the third most populous district of Odisha. The prime tribes here include Bhuinya, Santal, Munda, Ho, Bhumji, Kharia, Mankadia and so. Amongst them, Ho and Santal tribes are the most dominated ones due to their active political participation.

Rayagada – This mineral rich district is at the Southern end of Odisha. The population mainly comprises of tribals including Kondhas, Souras, etc. The popular Adivasi languages spoken by the tribal people along with Odia are Soura, Kui, and Kondha.

Jeypore – It is reckoned as the second largest city in South Odisha and is also been referred to as “city of victory”. The local tribe here has a different lifestyle and culture as compared to other tribal communities and that really makes them unique and distinctive.