CHANDIPUR: Chandipur, also known as Chandipur-on-sea, is a small sea resort in Balasore district of Odisha. It has a uniqueness of its known as the sea water recedes nearly 5 kms during low tide and advances to the shore during high tide every day.

PANCHALINGESWAR: Panchalingeswar has been named after the five Shivalinga, which are believed to have been enshrined by Sita- wife of Lord Rama during their exile. A perennial stream makes the place more scenic as it flows over the Shivalingas. One has to lie flat on the rock parallel to the stream to touch and worship the lingas.

EMAMI JAGANNATH TEMPLE: Emami Jagannath Temple is dubbed as Odisha's second Jagannath temple after the one in Puri. The rock cut work in the stones, depicting ancient stone art forms, of the temple are mesmerising.

KHIRACHARA GOPINATH TEMPLE: Khirachara Gopinath is a town 9 km east of Balasore district. It symbolizes Lord Krishna's childhood- his love for milk and milk products. Among other specialities, one can get delicious ‘khira’ here called as Amruta Keli.

TALASARI BEACH: Talasari Beach in Balasore lies on the north-eastern coast of India. As it is surrounded by palm trees, such name has been given to the beach. The beach is flat here and the waves are quite small and playful. The serene environment and tall palm trees creates a thrilling experience for the tourists.

NILAGIRI: Nilgiri is a symbol of rich history which traced back to Palaeolithic age. It comprises hills and plateaus with famous places like Panchalingeswar Temple, Emami Jagannath Temple and more.

Location: Balasore
Nearest Airport: Biju Patnaik International Airport (200km)
Nearest Railway Station: Balasore Railway Station
Nearest Bus Stand: : OSRTC Bus Stand, Balasore