Undoubtedly, Satkosia is counted among for having one of the most magnificent and great ecosystems in Odisha. It is not only reckoned for its amazing gorge over the Mahanadi River but also is popular for its tiger reserve and a breeding centre for gharials, crocodiles and muggers.

Satkosia Tiger Reserve constitutes two wildlife sanctuaries, including the Baisipalli sanctuary and the Satkosia Gorge sanctuary, both of them spread and covering the four districts of the state including Nayagarh, Angul, Boudh and Cuttack. Established in 1976, Satkosia is none but a paradise of sightseeing and such scenic beauty and charm. Representing the diverse variety in both flora and fauna, the wildlife sanctuary is worth to visit and travellers from all over come by to specially enjoy the wildlife sightseeing and activities here. The term Satkosia is made from two words that is sat referring to seven and kos referring to two miles, depicting that the length of the gorge is 22 km or 14 miles. The reserve is spread in a large area of 963.87 sq km with the core area of 523.61 sq km and it is also a part of the famous Mahanadi elephant reserve. Also, Satkosia is the meeting point of the two known bio geographic regions of the country including the Eastern Ghats and the Deccan Peninsula, leading to vast and immense biodiversity.

To enter in Satkosia, there are three major points namely Chhotakei, Tikarapada and Purunakote. While doing boating on the permitted arenas of Mahanadi heading towards the gorge, you can enjoy the scenic sight of fresh water turtles including Aspidiretes Gangeticus and Chitra Indica perching on the rocks along with the massive size muggers and gharials basking in the glory of the sun on the banks of the river. From both sides, majestic mountains have covered the area and it would be worth living in the forest and reserve area tent houses and others maintained by the tribal youth and forest department for the safety and security purpose. The youths and caretakers are highly humble and forthcoming for sure and it would be a lifetime opportunity being there. The tiger reserve and sanctuary is home to huge populations of muggers and gharials including 38 species of mammals such as leopards, crocodiles, jackals, sambar deer, giant squirrel, and over a dozen tigers. Feel free to even visit the rudimentary crocodile breeding centre here within the park and enjoy being amidst the natural surroundings and ambience to the large extent.

Location: Satkosia
Nearest Airport: Biju Patnaik International Airport (120 km)
Nearest Railway Station: Bhubaneswar Railway Station (125 km)
Nearest Bus Stand: : OSRTC Bus Stand, Bhubaneswar