The land of Odisha is full with vivid culture and tradition, big sized monuments, ancient splendid and magnificent temples, wonderful sun-kissed sand beaches, outstanding natural panorama and fantastic wildlife. To explore more of the state, every year, thousands of tourists flock from each part and corner of the world. To make it truly enriching and satisfying, so many tour packages are available and as per the preference, visitors opt for the suitable one to make their trip none but truly satisfying and worth to go to.

Bilaspur city is been situated in the Central Indian state of Chhattisgarh. The wildlife sanctuary here is been dotted with leopards, tigers, wild dogs and flying squirrels. Odisha Tour Packages from Bilaspur is one of the ideal ways to explore more of the unique wildlife of the state, along with being engaged in other adventurous and fun filled activities. So, explore the beauty and natural magic of the land by just being there and feel free to have a word with the travel agent, if you want something customized to be added in it.

Best Time to Book Odisha Tour Packages from Bilaspur

The perfect timing to visit the land of Odisha is in winters, in between months of October to March. During this time, the weather is pretty cool and pleasant to roam around. In general, travellers visit Odisha all throughout the year, majorly to attend festivals, or get the blessings of the deities or simply spend some quality time with their special ones and get to those lovely beaches.

How to Reach Odisha from Bilaspur

By Air – The distance in between Odisha and Bilaspur is around 438 km. There are connecting flights available linking the destinations and the travel time is of around 4 hours. The price range of a flight could vary in between Rs. 4000 to Rs. 7000 per person.

By Train – There are in total 8 trains running at present connecting Odisha and Bilaspur. Certainly, train travel is meant for those who love train journey and have more time span to travel to. The travelling time via train is of around 10 hours.

By Road – There is no as such bus service available at present that is connecting Odisha and Bilaspur. The best means is to take out your own vehicle, rent a car or so and travel via NH 53 to Bhubaneswar. The roads are well maintained and it would be an entertaining journey altogether. The travel time will be around 10 hours.