Odisha, also been referred to as the city of temples, blessed with tribal culture and Buddhist heritage, and it would not be fair to not mention the beautiful and sun-kissed sand beaches, enjoys a tropical climate throughout the year mainly due to the proximity of the land to the sea. The summers are very hot and humid and winters pleasant and calm. On an average, in rainy season during monsoon, the annual rainfall is of about 200 cm. The monsoon season is friendly and welcoming in Odisha. In a broader way, the state experiences three main seasons – Summer Season, Winter Season and Monsoon Season.

Though, a lot of tourists from each corner of the world prefer to visit here all throughout the year but the best time to pay a visit is in winter season that goes from months of October to March. In between the months of April and May especially, the temperature is very high and humid. Just because of the influence of the coastal region and sea nearby, the temperature is hot in these two months and on the other side, the Eastern Ghats cherish an extremely cold and pleasant weather. Looking for detailed information about these three seasons, weather and climate in Odisha? Just read on to the following and know more.

Summer Season (March – June) – The summer in Odisha starts from March and stays till June. The months of April and May are very harsh and the land experiences a hot and humid climate with maximum temperature of 40 degree Celsius and above during these months. The sun is very hot and if you are planning to do come to Odisha, avoid these months if possible.

Monsoon Season (July - September) – The monsoon and rainy season of Odisha begins in July and lasts till September. South-West monsoon heads its way in the month of June and by the month of July, the entire land seems to be under its influence. In fact, by mid of October month, South-West monsoon withdraw and says adieu to the region almost completely. Even, the coastal regions of the land even could and likely to experience tornado and cyclone during this time period. Rainfall plays a vital role in the paddy harvest and crop production in Odisha.

Winter Season (October – February) – The winter season of Odisha lasts for about five months, by starting in October month and staying till February month. The weather in these months is certainly pleasant and friendly, and the chill could even bring the climate and temperature going down to even as low as 7 degree Celsius. The weather is chilly and cold, not freezing and it is advisable to visit the state during this period.