Baisipalli wildlife Odisha sanctuary

Baisipalli An Immersive Rural and Jungle Experience in Odisha

Have you ever experienced visiting and enjoying a jungle experience? Is it your desire to go for a rural wildlife adventure experience amidst the greenery forest life? A trip to Baisipalli can be the answer to everything. It is once in a lifetime opportunity to cherish an immersive jungle and rural experience in Odisha. Are you excited to know more about the Baisipalli wildlife Odisha sanctuary? Adventure lovers, nature enthusiasts, and many more seekers relish Odisha wildlife tourism from all corners of the world and enjoy the bliss. The sanctuary is blessed with many adventures and pristine forests. Here, you can meet several native communities who can share the forests’ larger-than-life stories and aspects of their beliefs and customs. Now, let us discuss the Baisipalli wildlife sanctuary in detail.

It is located near the Mahanadi river, flowing through the Eastern Ghats mountains in the Nayagarh district in Odisha. This beautiful and must-visit sal forest area has a significant number of elephants, tigers, bears, spotted deer, elephants, Sambar deer, and leopard. The elevation range varies from nearby sea level to about 900 meters. This sanctuary is widespread in a large area of 168.35 square kilometers in Nayagarh district, and it makes a co-end at the forest reserve. It is in close proximity to the Satkosia George Sanctuary, and it lies in the South end. Undoubtedly, it is one of those eminent and famous sanctuaries wildly illustrating the diverse natural habitat, heritage, varieties in flora, and fauna of the Eastern Indian State. Are you interested in knowing a few quick facts about the wildlife sanctuary?

  1. The sanctuary is well-known for its dry deciduous forests, deciduous forests, and moist peninsular Sal forests.
  2. Rich in flora and fauna, it borders the Mahanadi river on one end and Satkosia Gorge on the other and covers the Gharial Crocodile Sanctuary of Tikarpara.
  3. It is blessed with a magnificent well-wooded hilly terrain, a home to a few reptilian varieties, including King Cobra, Python, herbivores, water birds, Chousingha, and tigers, leopards, elephants, and so.
  4. If you stay at Tikarpara and opt for a 25 km long gorge beautiful cruise, it will be a memorable experience for sure. The beautiful, dense, and enchanting forests are there on both sides, and the reliable Bhubaneswar travels will assist in making all the arrangements.   
  5. The wildlife sanctuary is a perfect tourist adventure destination.

A trip to this rural jungle experience lets you have an opportunity to fill all the wild adventure, pleasure, and excitement in your life. Offering a fully-fledged relaxation and contentment to your body, mind, and soul, Baisipalli wildlife sanctuary in Odisha is a must-visit for sure. It provides tourists and visitors the ideal location to get comfort and satisfaction from all the pains/worries of the rest of the world, away from the hustle-bustle and mundane routine.

The Baisipalli wildlife sanctuary is approximately 160 km away from the capital Bhubaneswar and is easy to reach by any transport mode. The nearest airport is in Bhubaneswar. The nearest rail station is Khurda Road station. And the bus connectivity is quite good, as it the highway connecting the sanctuary and the capital city. On the way, there are a few good restaurants that you can stop by and grab the best authentic meal. Spicy7 is one of the best restaurants in Bhubaneswar with price, offering Chinese, Indian, South Indian, and a lot more varieties to grab. The location of the restaurant is near railway station or airport road, and it makes it perfect for stopping by and grab a delicious meal. There are a few good accommodations and educational and recreational facilities available by the wildlife sanctuary. Also, watch towers are there to check out the free movement of the wild lives during the evening time. The sanctuary construction was made on 6th May, 1981, and it got its name from the 22 settlements that exist within the area. The entire area is constituted as the revenue villages, and it is going to render the rural experience to all the travellers. It is like an oasis of green everywhere, and that makes it a hit, especially among the urban city people who are usually living in confinements of life. Myriads of wildlife enthusiasts, tourists, nature seekers, and lovers are allured by the scenic beauty and charm of the vibrant wildlife. The panoramic sunrise and sunset, mist at dawn time, the change in the river water colour, a shimmering feel at the dusk, every aspect makes it an ideal sight to behold. The perfect time to take a tour of this amazing wildlife sanctuary is in December to March. So, what are you thinking now? Be it checking out Orissa’s beautiful places, or a trip to Baisipalli wildlife sanctuary, or places to visit in Puri, or else, the vacation is going to be pleasurable and memorable. The best tours and travels in Bhubaneswar, Best Choice Holiday can be of extreme help in making all the arrangements, from accommodation to travel to rentals to guide, to any personal assistance. Get to know more of wild nature, locals, dig deep in the forest and jungle, check out the rare breeds, and a lot more on this tour, going back with lovely memories back and complete rejuvenation.