The Fascinating Ramachandi Beach and Temple in Odisha

Are you planning to be on the shores of the Ramachandi beach in nearby days? Do make sure to visit the famous attraction Ramachandi temple located nearby Ramachandi beach. A beautiful temple that is located on the Kusabhadra River banks flowing alongside Bay of Bengal, it is at an about 5 km distance from Konark in Puri, Odisha. In accord to the legends, this splendid temple was constructed by a priest who had a dream, in which the holy deity Goddess Ramachandi simply asked her to develop this temple on the shores of the beach. It is also recognized among the most recognized Shakti Peethas of Puri and the well-known Konark Sun temple is at a close vicinity of the temple. The prime attraction of the temple is the Goddess Ramachandi idol on a lotus, surrounded by casurina plantations and hidden by sand mounds at the merging point of Bay of Bengal and Kusabhadra River.

There is a saying among locals related to this temple, as per which during 17th century, a rebel and known Hindu Brahmin youth namely Kalapahada changed his religion to Islam, took a vow to destruct all Hindu temples including Ramachandi as well. When he arrived at this temple, Goddess Ramachandi was dressed as a Maluni and saved the temple from destruction. Goddess asked Kalapahada to wait at the entrance till she brings water from the river. After waiting for long, when Kalapahada entered the temple, he saw the throne empty, thought that Maluni took the deity with her, got angry and followed her. When he reached Kusabhadra river bank, he saw that Goddess Ramachandi is floating in the middle of the river and returned back.

Location of the temple:

The location of the Ramachandi temple on the banks of Kusabhadra River is indeed worth to visit for and is a popular picnic spot for tourists and locals. The presiding deity of Konark is famously believed to be Ramachandi and even as the most kind and charitable Chandi ever known. Considering the temple from an architectural point, it holds not much of importance but when it comes to considering it from religious point of view, then it is recognized among one of the famous Shakti Peethas of Odisha. It is located on the Marine drive road heading from Puri to Konark in Odisha. The pleasant and breathtaking sight of the place always mesmerizes students, youth and religious people from all around.

Aside from this, another prime attraction here is the Ramachandi beach that is situated at the merging point of Bay of Bengal and Kusabhadra River. The beach is named after the Goddess Ramachandi. Covered all up with the big sized palm trees and golden sand, the beach is perfect for strolling, taking long walks with loved ones, collecting shells, spending some quiet time within self and so. There are different fun activities also held at the beach that visitors can come up and enjoy including Boating, Sailing, Sun Bathing, Swimming and so. The time to visit the temple and beach is in between 6 in the morning to 6 in the evening. Do you have any plans to visit the beach and the temple? If yes, let Best Choice Holiday travel agent make plans for you this time. Enjoy the journey and have a memorable time altogether!