Odisha Provides an Excellent Wildlife Tour With Some Fantastic Views

There’s no better experience than being out in the wild, exploring the wilderness of forests, listening to the chirping birds early in the morning and also spotting some exotic wild creatures. The adrenaline rush that happens on witnessing the wild animal in front is simply unmatchable. Just like other parts of the country, Odisha too has its share of forests wherein the wild reside. These places capture the attention of a lot of tourists, wildlife lovers and wildlife enthusiasts from across the globe.

One of the most popular regions in Odisha to experience the birding culture is Mangalajodi Chilika Lake, which attracts a lot of bird lovers round the year. Herein exotic migratory birds from far off regions like Siberial, Baltic Sea, Caspian Sea and a lot more places visit. In fact, this paradise of birds host more than 3,00,000 birds, especially during the winter season. The ecosystem in Mangalajodi is also one-of-its-kind, and is one of the perfect destinations to spot the beautiful birds. You may have different accommodation options in and around here, and even an eco-tour resort which can let you enjoy the scenic beauty of Chilika even more.

Next is the Satkosia Tiger Reserve, situated in the Angul district, which is a natural habitat to two of the most endangered fresh water crocodiles, the Gharial and Mugger and is also home to many elephants, leopards, deer and its flagship species, as well as the tiger. Moreover, Satkosia is the meeting point of two bio-geographic regions of India; the Deccan Peninsula and the Eastern Ghats. Here you can not only get a chance to sight the “big cat” in its natural habitat, but will also enjoy soaking in the rich & untouched biodiversity of the forest. Meandering through this forest will offer you some stunning sights, while you can catch the brilliant views of the sunrise & sunset. If you’re planning to stay here for the night, you can be at one of the guest houses provided by the forest department.

Apart from that, you can also visit “The land of crocodiles” in Odisha, which is the Bhitarkanika National Park. It’s a great place for reptile and crocodile enthusiasts. The two main entry points of Bhitarkanika are Khola and Gupti, and visitors are required to take entry permit from the forest check gate at these entry points. No doubt you’ll be amazed and totally mesmerized to witness the wilderness of this national park and the rich biodiversity it comprises of.

It’s advisable to be careful while touring on a boat through the Baitarni River, which is basically the home of the crocs. If you’re lucky enough, you can also get to see some large crocodiles, and be amazed to see what lies ahead of you. Besides, this place is also a sanctuary for migrating birds from all over world. That apart, the sanctuary also comprises of a mini museum and has small collection of reptiles. And there’s even an ancient temple of Shiva deep inside the forest, which belongs to the 5th century B.C.

Some of other best wildlife tours in Odisha where you can have a great time include Debrigarh wildlife sanctuary, Sunabeda wildlife sanctuary, Kotagarh wildlife sanctuary, Gahirmatha wildlife sanctuary, Simlipal wildlife sanctuary, Tikarpada wildlife sanctuary and many others.

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