Experience Odisha’s Indigenous And Unique Tribal Culture

Odisha is a land of so many beautiful things – be it beaches, mountains, art, architecture, heritage, temples, and even the food – it’s all highly talked about. Whoever visits this state surely gets mesmerized by all that the place has to offer. People love the serenity, diversity and the warmth of people which makes […]

Koraput – The Green Paradise of Odisha

As much as Odisha offers surprises in every corner, the Koraput district here is also a well-kept secret which is extremely scenic and magical. Name it as the ‘green’ paradise, or a home to tribal communities, the abode of Odisha’s highest peak and highest waterfall, and also a region of thriving coffee plantation culture – […]

Top Reasons in Odisha That Will Make You Go Odishaaah!

Odisha is a destination with spectacular surprises in every corner, and that’s what makes it so special. While there are exotic beaches on one, Odisha also features some lush green mountains as well as unique arts & crafts. Not just that, the state is also an attractive treasure house of cultures, customs, religions, traditions, architecture, […]

Is Odisha An Ideal Destination For Families? Find Out Here

There’s nothing better than a family trip. Each person of the family gets excited to plan the trip, look up for best places to visit, search for the most comfortable accommodations, and also prepare their itinerary beforehand. They say families who travel together have the strongest bond. And therefore, it’s always advisable to go on […]

What All You Can Expect In The Pilgrimage Tour Of Odisha

Odisha, a land of temples, a state with a glorious heritage, and a place where the ancient tales are still celebrated in the form of its spectacular architecture needs to be explored for all the uniqueness it offers. The state is home to many temples and holy places, making it one of the premier pilgrimage […]

Why You Must Visit Chilika When You Are In Odisha

Talking about some of the best tourist destinations in Odisha, Chilika Lake surely tops the list. Forming an integral part of the culture of coastal Odisha, Chilika Lake is India’s largest brackish water lagoon, covering a distance of 1100 sq km. In fact, the site was designated as a “Ramsar Site” in 1981, is of […]

The Buddhist Significance In Odisha And What You Can Expect

Believe it or not, but Odisha is one of the states wherein the teachings of Buddhism are clearly depicted. In fact, the prominence of Buddhism Tour in Odisha has witnessed an interesting trajectory. It’s never that Lord Buddha himself has visited this state, but his teachings have always been gladly welcomed. So much so, that […]