What All You Can Expect In The Pilgrimage Tour Of Odisha

Odisha, a land of temples, a state with a glorious heritage, and a place where the ancient tales are still celebrated in the form of its spectacular architecture needs to be explored for all the uniqueness it offers. The state is home to many temples and holy places, making it one of the premier pilgrimage […]

Why You Must Visit Chilika When You Are In Odisha

Talking about some of the best tourist destinations in Odisha, Chilika Lake surely tops the list. Forming an integral part of the culture of coastal Odisha, Chilika Lake is India’s largest brackish water lagoon, covering a distance of 1100 sq km. In fact, the site was designated as a “Ramsar Site” in 1981, is of […]

Some Of The Most Famous Tourist Attractions Of Bhubaneswar

When it comes to some of the best tourist attractions in Bhubaneswar, the capital city of Odisha, the options are many. There are places here which suits every kind of travelers – be it a business traveler, foodie, heritage lover, couple, college-goers or anyone else, Bhubaneswar Tour can suit just anyone and everyone. Mostly those […]